BCRI CEC member

Seasoned clinicians from leading academic medical centers from around the world serve as members of our data safety monitoring boards (DSMB) and clinical event committees (CEC).  Many of our world class experts have worked with the FDA to craft the definitions used to adjudicate events in clinical trials.  BCRI provides event adjudication services using either a paper or an electronic format.  Our CEC members review events on an ongoing / daily basis and have always met a sponsor's timeline.

We offer the following services:

Clinical Event Committee (CEC) Services

Data Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB or IDMC) Services

The Phase 5 Specialists

BCRI's world class faculty will not only help you successfully navigate through Phase 1-4 but will pull the process through to "Phase 5": Communicating your results and educating the clinical community through leading social media outlets, collaborative authoring tools and educational portals.  Contact us today at: bcricontact@gmail.com