Innovation | Execution | Communication

Our 200 world class experts from leading academic medical centers have 25 years of experience in the design and conduct of Phase 1-4 clinical trials, core laboratory, clinical event committee, statistical and educational services. Contact us today at

Why Choose BCRI?

  • BCRI InnovationInnovation: Our experts developed the imaging methods to assess the efficay of drug & devices. They work with the FDA to develop defintions of clinical events.
  • BCRI meets timelinesExecution: We offer real time turnaround of imaging, EKG and clinical event adjudication. Your timeline is our timeline.
  • BCRI communicationCommunication: We develop secure educational / social media portals to lead your trial & push content to sites.

The  Phase 5  Specialists

BCRI's world class faculty will not only help you successfully navigate through Phase 1-4 but will pull the process through to "Phase 5": Communicating your results and educating the clinical community through leading social media outlets, collaborative authoring tools and educational portals.  Contact us today at: